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The Haystack Rock Awareness Program is funded by donations, grants, and the City of Cannon Beach.

The program began as a modest pilot project in 1985 to protect the Rock's delicate marine environment through onsite interpretation. Haystack Rock teems with life so varied and abundant that it has been designated a National Wildlife Refuge and Marine Garden. Each summer HRAP staff and volunteers are on the beach at low tides to provide informative programs for groups of school children and visitors. In 2008, 71 groups involving more than 3132 individuals participated in the program. In all, HRAP personnel made contact with 71853 visitors who enjoyed the program during 207 low tides.

HRAP continues to refine its stewardship message and develop new ways to reach people. Visitors leave with an understanding of how everything is connected to everything else, of how processes and interconnections they see at Haystack Rock also occur and can be seen where they live. Your support is needed. Each year individuals and businesses are asked to join in furthering public education and preserving natural attractions. Your tax deductible donation will help promote stewardship, safeguarding sea stars and other fragile wonders in the Haystack Rock Marine Garden and National Wildlife Refuge.

For more information and details visit Haystack Rock Awareness Program.

Haystack Rock Awareness Program
City of Cannon Beach
P. O. Box 368
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Sunset WebCam - 08May2005  - refreshed as the spirit moves - [more]
sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005

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