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Haystack Rock - a dedicated, protected Marine Garden - rises 235 feet out of the sand and the sea at the low tide line in Cannon Beach Oregon. Haystack Rock and the area around it are abundant with sea life. Care must be taken to avoid trampling this delicate life. The Rock is also home to many birds, including tufted puffins, gulls, and cormorants. Volunteer interpreters and protectors of the Rock and the life that it supports are on the beach during morning low tides during the summer. For a schedule of this Haystack Rock Awareness Program, click here.

Haystack Rock in its many splendored moods(click photo for enlargement)
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Haystack Rock Awareness Program

Sunsets in Cannon Beach are a sight to behold. [more]
sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005 sunset 08May2005

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