Town Photo 2003
Cannon Beach Oregon
by George Vetter

Town Photo 12Oct2003
Two hundred and fifty two townspeople gathered in front of the Osburn building for the first Town Photo in memory.
Everyone got a little wet as the rain reminded us of where we live, but by the time the shutters of photographers
George Vetter and Tevis Dooley Jr opened, the rain had paused and a moment in time was captured forever.
To view, download and print the photo, three different resolutions are offered here: (100K) (579K) (1567K)

Osburns Sept 2003
Osburn's 10am 17Sep2003 from Village Centre lower roof. This is where the town photo will be taken from.
We will fill the sidewalk and street-side with people (not the porch). The amount of building roof that will
show will depend on the number of people and how much room they take up in front of the building.

Osburns Aug 2003
Osburns 930am 20Aug2003 from Village Centre sidewalk.

Osburns Aug 2003
Osburns 1:00pm 20Aug2003 from Village Centre upper roof.
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