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Cannon Beach Net

by George Vetter

In early October 1998, I began looking for places to list the new web pages I was developing for El Mundo For Men, Inn at Village Centre, and Village Centre. What I was expecting to find was a good Cannon Beach site where all Cannon Beach businesses would be listed. After doing many searches and unearthing every reference to Cannon Beach, I began to ask local people if they knew of anything that I was missing. I did find various sites that had Cannon Beach sections, but none that were current and none that were as good or complete as I was hoping to find.

I talked to the Chamber Director - Tony Kesler - who said that the Chamber had reserved a domain name a year and a half ago and had gotten a bid to set up a site. Funds were not available so the board had decided at that time to shelf the idea till funding could be found.

I then talked to Cheth Rowe who had developed sites for Steve Martin Management, Cannon Beach Property Management, Explora Store and others. Cheth had worked with the Chamber to secure their domain name. He concurred that there was not a good Cannon Beach site and that one was certainly needed.

I conferred with Katherine Mace of Coast Graphic Arts who produces Cannon Beach Magazine for the Chamber. She said that she was too busy with her publications to spend much time on the Internet.

I talked with then Chamber President, Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey, requesting a meeting with the Chamber Board to discuss their future on the Internet. Mary Anne said that the board was too busy right now with Stormy Weather Arts Festival and that she would have me meet with a couple members of the 5-year Plan committee the end of November.

Finally I decided to do it myself. I found an excellent web page developer and search engine expert - Ari Yoder of Webmistress, Inc. - for a partner, and together we brought Cannon Beach Net to life. We went public on Nov 25, 1998 with an ad in the Cannon Beach Gazette.

Several things motivate me in this project. I want to see a good, complete, definitive Cannon-Beach-Only site where other Cannon Beach businesses and I can list our businesses and web sites. I want to do it before the market is too splintered with web sites from other areas and towns trying to get Cannon Beach businesses to list because no Cannon Beach site exists.

I am always looking for ways to keep my staff productive in the off season - this serves that purpose. I see this as an exciting opportunity to be involved in a new venture in an area in which I see long term growth.

I am concerned and interested in projecting the right image for Cannon Beach - evidenced by my involvement with "Cannon Beach Magazine" since its inception. Cannon-Beach Net lists all businesses that service Cannon Beach, free of charge. It is an extensive site featuring: Lodging, Food and Drink, Shopping, Galleries, Services, Real Estate, Wildlife, Local Beaches, Special Events, Transportation, Environment, Weather, Tides, Maps and more. Many photographs are used. It serves locals and visitors. It is rated high in the search engines and is visited more than any other Cannon Beach site.

The site is supported by businesses that want exposure beyond a standard listing.

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